Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spominčice ... Forget-me-not(s)


Rastejo trave in misli ... V več prostorov se vejijo. Tudi v takšne, ki so, le dokler zvenijo. Ilustracija, ki se širi onkraj zgornjega detajla, je v pogovoru prav z njo - z glasbo.

I welcome several exciting works these days. The above detail is from a project especially dear to me, a small teaser before the work will be finished together with winter next year.

Zvočno ozadje, ki ima s podobo več skupnega, kot je videti:

An excellent young singer-songwriter singing one of her exceptional women's stories to me in the background:

Monday, October 17, 2011


Vračam se. Nadaljujem.

I am back. Autumn is a rebirth time, so it seems. Autumn light. Fog in the early mornings, rust forests' songs. And wind, so much wind ... This time of the year reminds me of spring, everything's so vivid, bursting of life. Even the birds' songs are so springlike, have you heard?

Autumn cleaning. Preparing. Expecting.

Changing everything carefully, without breaking anything (E. E. Cummings).

Thank you all for your great patience. I do continue.


The illustration is a part of an ongoing competition at Tapirulan, Italy. Theme: privacy.